Patience, hard work & dedication

Patience, hard work and dedication are Koen’s way to the top. As a marathon athlete, the chances to excel are limited. Running two marathons a year is a busy schedule. Luckily, these marathons are preceded by a series of competitions during the preparation fase.

“With two to three training sessions a day, I have a heavy work schedule, often resulting in running over 200km a week. These plannings demand dedication: I live from marathon to marathon, and that means I have to make sacrifices in life.

Since the 2016 Olympic year, I’ve had the opportunity to make marathon running my full time profession. However, missing my work at the burn care unit in Neder-Over-Heembeek, I’ve started a postgraduate in stoma therapy, wound care and tissue repair. This intellectual challenge offers me variety and hunger for excelling at both."

Together with the other talented Belgian long distance runners, we lift the attention to and the means for the sport. At the same time we challenge each other, resulting in better performances. We are even capable of standing our ground in the East African dominance.

As an athlete, I surround myself with fantastic people and partners that guide us to the top, step by step. Science and common sense ensure have enabled me to be part of the top in big marathons. My four top 8 rankings in the Gold Label Marathons in NYC, Berlin, Frankfurt & Rotterdam prove this.

I’ve been able to have a great accomplishments, but now I’m ready to promote my sport even further, and of course, obtain great results.”